CRPA Announces Acceptance of Bitcoin Contributions

January 5, 2024

Leadership in the United States, and in California in particular, has hit rock bottom in many ways.  Lawmakers at all levels spout half-truths to justify increasingly intrusive policies, amplified by a mainstream media that has, seemingly, forgotten how to question authority.

What’s the approach to public safety? Make it harder for lawful citizens to own and carry a gun, ensuring only criminals are armed.

What about inflation? It’s ONLY 3.2% and those prices you pay at the grocery store aren’t as high as you think.

Can’t we address rampant homelessness?  Nope, unless we really need the streets clear and then it can be solved in day.

CRPA has been fighting back against nonsensical gun control laws for nearly 150 years and we feel a kinship with Bitcoiners who struggle with economic policies that make little sense and mainstream narratives that try to justify their horrific results.

And so, today, we are proud to announce that CRPA will now accept contributions in Bitcoin!  Join us in the fight for fundamental Second Amendment rights by clicking here!

Since the Bruen decision was announced last summer, CRPA has worked tirelessly to roll back decades worth of unconstitutional laws restricting lawful gun ownership, including:

All of these fights are just the tip of the spear, as CRPA conducts training programs, promotes youth programs, advocates in Sacramento, and maintains an active network of chapters throughout the state that help inform and engage in support of the cause.

We are HONORED by your support!