New from CRPA TV: What Comes Next After Big Gun Show Win?

November 10, 2023

As reported just last week, CRPA garnered a significant win in our fight to keep gun shows in California.  The attack on gun shows serves as one of the primary ways that gun control forces seek to end “gun culture”, and the misleading statements made in support of legislation to ban shows are just staggering.

In fact, this battle is being fought on several fronts as there are three separate cases pending.  One focuses just on Orange County, another applies statewide, and a third applies just to Del Mar Fairgrounds.  The injunction granted last week applies to the first two cases, while the third remains active.

So what does last week’s injunction mean?  Are gun shows coming back immediately?  What about Del Mar?

To answer these and other pressing questions, Attorney Tiffany Cheuvront stopped by CRPA TV today to talk with host Kevin Small and provide an update.

CRPA is proud to continue our active defense of gun shows in California.  Banning these family-friendly events based on absurd claims by those who simply want to disarm lawful citizens embodies much of what is wrong with that movement in the first place.  Stripping away fundamental rights that mean NOTHING in the fight against rampant crime simply because it makes a good headline and attracts donations from national funders.  

We’ve certainly had enough and we hope you’ll join us to….