CRPA Won’t Let Big Brother Get Away With It

June 27, 2024

There are countless examples in the battle for Second Amendment rights, when it seems like lawful gun owners don’t have many rights at all.  The “liberal” majority in Sacramento shows no compunction about violating any number of fundamental rights so long as it promotes the cause of disarmament.

The case of Richards v. Newsom demonstrates the government’s zeal for eliminating “gun culture” and the lengths they are willing to go to achieve it.  At issue is the state’s new law requiring audio and video surveillance at all federal firearm licensees’ (FFL’s) locations.  The case raises a host of potential constitutional issues, particularly when you consider that most FFL’s are home-based.

In the latest installment of CRPA TV, attorney Josh Dale drops in to provide an update on the case and the many legal issues at play, including privacy, equal protection, and illegal search and seizure.  Grab your pocket edition of the Bill of Rights and…..