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No Gun Voter Left Behind! Vote YES on Recall!

Why September 14th Matters

September 14th is an important date in California history. It is the day that we have the opportunity to remove one of the most anti-gun Governors in California history!

The recall election will present voters with two questions. The first will ask whether Newsom should be recalled from the office of Governor. We recommend a YES vote.

The second question will ask who should replace Newsom as Governor. This is a bit more complicated.

A majority vote is required to remove Newsom from office and the candidate with the most votes after Newsom is removed will become the next Governor of California. This is our chance to remove the Constitution-hating Newsom and replace him with someone who upholds the rights of the individual.

Make sure to watch for your ballot in the mail and return immediately!


There are to-date 46 candidates who have qualified for the ballot including 9 Democrats and 24 Republicans. Top contenders include:

CRPA has sent out questionnaires to our members to determine their choices on the top candidates for governor when Newsom is recalled. This page shares the results of like-minded members like you.

Larry Elder- Secured the top ranking by CRPA Members by getting 80% of the votes in our survey

Kevin Kiley-Second in the survey with 6.3% of the votes

John Cox-Third in the survey with 6.0% of the votes

Kevin Faulconer-Fourth in the survey with 3.8% of the votes

Join the Fight and Join the CRPA PAC to fight back against anti-gun politicians. Click here to learn more.

Registering to Vote is a key step to ensuring that your fundamental rights are secure. Our founding fathers set up a system where the people could participate in the election of leaders who work for the people. Voting holds elected officials accountable. If you are not registered to vote–PLEASE do so today. Share this with your friends. Know who your 2A candidates are that support your right protect your family and VOTE in November.

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