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Why November 3rd Matters

Every few years, there are historical moments in United States history that define who our leaders will be and what our laws will say. 2020 is an incredibly important year for every gun owner in California. November 3rd will mark the date that our Second Amendment will either be protected or rejected. It must be understood that if we do not show up to the polls and make a strong showing, our civil rights will be in jeopardy for the years to come.

This is not rhetoric. This is the reality that we live in. It has become very clear over recent months of dealing with global pandemics and civil unrest. At a time when Americans need to be able to cling to those constitutional rights to lawfully own and possess firearms for protection, elected officials have attempted to repeatedly remove your rights in the name of “safety.”

We ask “who’s safety?” Politicians do not get to remove your constitutional rights just because they don’t like the number of people lining up outside of the local gun store. Citizens showed up at these gun stores because they realized a very real need to protect themselves where the government cannot. For many this was an epiphany that came only with the events that we have all been dealing with the past several months.

CRPA fought for jurisdictions to keep those gun stores open and labeled as “essential” at ALL times and not just when it is convenient. Your turn to show your support for the Second Amendment comes on November 3rd. Please make sure you are registered, know what candidates are Pro-2A, and watch for our General Election Guide that will be coming out soon.

Join the Fight and Join the CRPA PAC to fight back against anti-gun politicians. Click here to learn more.

Registering to Vote is a key step to ensuring that your fundamental rights are secure. Our founding fathers set up a system where the people could participate in the election of leaders who work for the people. Voting holds elected officials accountable. If you are not registered to vote–PLEASE do so today. Share this with your friends. Know who your 2A candidates are that support your right protect your family and VOTE in November.

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