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Why June 5th Matters

Every two years, there are historical moments in United States history that define who our leaders will be and what our laws will say. 2018 is an incredibly important year for every gun owner in California. June 5th will mark the date that our Second Amendment will either be protected or rejected. In 57 counties throughout the state, the people of California will be responsible for electing a sheriff who believes in the Second Amendment. It must be understood that if we do not show up to the polls on June 5th, our civil rights will be in jeopardy for the years to come.

Sheriffs decide whether to approve or deny your CCW. Electing the wrong sheriff will eliminate this process all together and a sheriff who support CCWs is responsible for determining the time frame for reviewing CCW applications. A sheriff who truly understands their duty will uphold the Constitution with regards to protecting the Second Amendment. We must vote, and we must vote for a sheriff who believes in, and supports, the Constitution.

Equally as important as electing the right sheriff, electing the best district judge is of the upmost importance. Judges make the decisions that affect our gun rights for years to come. Judges hear the cases when law-abiding gun owners use their firearms for self-defense and local judges often advance to higher office. The judges that we elect on June 5, 2018 will determine our rights in the future.

For information on how to register to vote, please click here. If you are a candidate and are seeking a CRPA Candidate Questionnaire, please contact CRPA’s Political Team at For additional information regarding CRPA graded candidates, please contact

“The California Rifle and Pistol Association offer candidates in Judicial, District Attorney and Sheriff races who are registered with the Secretary of State office by 24 March 2018, to have an opportunity to schedule an interview on CRPATV.  These interviews will be scheduled prior to 18 May 2018 on a first come first served basis. No interviews will be scheduled for any person claiming to be a candidate who is not registered by the deadline with the Secretary of State.”

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