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No Gun Voter Left Behind!

Gearing up for the 2022 mid-term elections is something we must do now! Coming off a hard two year election cycle has taught us two things:

  1. It matters what candidates you place in office
  2. Your vote is the only thing that can change your current situation
  3. There are 1 million new gun owners in California and we can make a difference

Mid-terms bring new challenges at the nation, state, and local levels and we will be covering them all. We have several pro-2A Sheriffs that will be up for re-election and we MUST hold those seats while installing others into new counties. The Certified list from the SOS should be coming out in mid February. CRPA will be sending out a list from that point to our members.


Want to Hold a Voter Drive in Your Community? Here is a comprehensive guide and all of the information for you to properly comply with state election rules.

Guide to Voter Registration Drives :: California Secretary of State

Statewide Election Dates- Click Here


Ballot Harvesting– While many of our members do not like this practice, it is something that we must do if we are going to be on a level playing field. CRPA Chapters will be helping with this endeavor during the next cycle.

         What’s commonly known as ballot harvesting, and in California, it’s perfectly legal given several conditions.:

         As long as a third-party collector prints and signs their name up in the designated box in the top corner of the  ballot, and then drops it off at a county-sanctioned ballot drop-off         

         location within three days, this type of vote collection is legal.

         So what isn’t allowed? Creating a ballot drop-off box without approval from election officials.

         As long as people are collecting ballots in person (even at a meeting or gathering), without a drop-off box (unattended), ballot harvesting is a tool that can be used.



More information will be coming out as we get closer to the new year so you know how you can be engaged and help CRPA bring home some more big wins for the Second Amendment.


You can help right now in building the campaign war chest! The anti-gunners are big money and are fundraising already. We need you in order to support 2A candidates. Join the Fight and Join the CRPA PAC to fight back against anti-gun politicians. Click here to learn more.


Registering to Vote is a key step to ensuring that your fundamental rights are secure. Our founding fathers set up a system where the people could participate in the election of leaders who work for the people. Voting holds elected officials accountable. If you are not registered to vote–PLEASE do so today. Share this with your friends. Know who your 2A candidates are that support your right protect your family and VOTE in November.

Register Here Today!



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