Join CRPA Because

The CRPA represents the interests of California firearms owners. When you join CRPA, you join CRPA’s team of dedicated individuals fighting back against the assault on our Constitutional rights.

As the oldest 2A organization in California, CRPA has been relentlessly fighting for your right to keep and bear arms for sport, hunting, and to defend yourself and your family since 1875!

CRPA is the premier shooting sports, education, gun safety, and Second Amendment civil rights advocacy organization in California. CRPA works tirelessly and diligently on your behalf at all levels of government.

CRPA is your voice in the Sacramento capital, in regulatory agencies, and in local city halls across California to fight back against the politicians, elitists, and bureaucrats who would take away your right to keep or bear arms.

CRPA fights back on your behalf the courts, fighting for your Second Amendment and hunting rights.

CRPA organizes local volunteers and grassroots activists to fight for the RKBA. This is done through local engagement and Chapters.

CRPA sponsors hundreds of “fun shoots” and recreational shooting events annually. CRPA distributes educational and gun safety information materials at hundreds of gun shows and other events annually, contributing to the fact that gun accidents are at their lowest levels ever! CRPA trains gun owners in firearms safety, marksmanship, and tactical self-defense practices.

CRPA sanctions regional and state championship shooting competitions and qualifies teams and individuals to compete in the national championships and Olympics. CRPA sponsors next-generation shooting activities and safety training.

CRPA assists ranges and firearm retailers to keep ranges and retailers open and serving gun owners.


Additional Membership Benefits

As a CRPA member you support all of the efforts listed above and the Programs that CRPA promotes, and CRPA members enjoy:

  • Bimonthly subscription to the CRPA Firing Line magazine. It’s timely, educational and has the information you’ve asked for, want and need.
  • Discounts at CRPA business affiliates and through CRPA business affinity programs.
  • Real time updates on current legislation.
  • Updates and analysis of RKBA litigation developments.
  • Member discounts on education, training, and fun shoots.
  • Election guidance – know who your pro-gun representatives are – it’s your valuable election guide.
  • CRPA membership card and decal.
  • Honor America’s firearms heritage – It’s your Constitutional legacy.

CRPA cannot support and expand these programs without the support of individuals like you. We welcome members from all walks of life, and from all across California (and even from other states).

CRPA needs the support of people like you! Join the CRPA team today and stand and fight with pro-gun-owner elected officials, law enforcement leaders, judges, District Attorneys, Olympic Champions, award winning shooters, families, and RKBA supporters from all walks of life.

We will not give up the fight for California gun owners!