The CRPA Foundation

Since 2004, the CRPA Foundation (CRPAF) has served freedom-loving Californians by raising funds to benefit eligible programs supportive of advancing its mission, ensuring the continued fight to protect and defend the legacy of an American’s right to choose to own a gun for sport, hunting, and personal protection.

The purpose of the CRPA Foundation is to promote and defend the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding citizens in California through supporting a diverse range of charitable, educational, legal, and scientific firearms-related public interest activities and to preserve the environment for the next generation through securing educational access to natural resources and resource management by the safeguarding of hunting and conservation in California.

The objectives of the CRPA Foundation are to promote firearms litigation, hunting and firearm safety and education, scientific based wildlife conservation, public education regarding firearms in their historic, technological, and aesthetic context, and to enhance marksmanship skills of those participating in shooting sports.

Protecting and defending the individual’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms, both in public and private is the CRPA Foundation’s greatest privilege.

Your Giving Affords us to Fund Essential Programs

Providing funding to firearm-related programs of organizations that cultivate the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Americans is essential to the preservation of our Second Amendment heritage. That’s why the CRPA Foundation benefits charitable, educational, scientific, and public interest programs and activities that promote, and defend, the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding citizens in California.

Your donation to the CRPA Foundation supports research, publications, amicus briefs in cases across the country and in the all-important Second Amendment cases here in California, and more. Sponsors and donors are essential in the fight to protect and promote the rights of firearm owners in California.

Donations to the CRPA Foundation are made in the form of tax deductible gifts, appreciated stocks, wills, living trusts, donated real estate or firearms collections, and more. It all starts with your generous commitment and continued support!

The CRPA Foundation is a charitable, tax-exempt entity incorporated under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and under California law. Contributions are deductible to the extent allowable by law. Please consult a tax professional for specific advice on how such contributions may be tax deductible.

The CRPA Foundation Tax ID number is #73-1719822.

The CRPA Foundation
271 E. Imperial Highway, Suite 620. Fullerton, CA 92835
1-800-305-2772 | contact@crpa.org

Ways to Give

  • Donate Real estate or firearms collections.
  • Include the CRPA Foundation in your Estate Planning.
  • Donate payroll deductions with your company (check with your HR/Payroll department for information).
  • Donate automobiles, watercraft, airplanes, trailers and more through the CRPAF Vehicle Donation Program.
  • Donate specific items or services from our wish list! Items will benefit 501(c)(3) charitable purposes such as Event Donations, Grants, Training, Range Safety, Competitive Shooting, 2A and Conservation Experiences to serve the public.
  • Shop online at AmazonSmile and donate a portion of every purchase made.
  • Donate By Mail or Online.

Explore Essential Supported Programs

Training, Education and Firearm Safety

Firearm safety is a fundamental component across all programs supported by the CRPA Foundation. Through its efforts, the public is made aware of gun safety programs that are effective in reducing accidents and violence without infringing on the rights of law-abiding gun owners. The CRPAF encourages more active participation by the general public in organized firearms sportsmanship events and sponsored public events which contribute to public awareness of the proper use of firearms and the spirit of cooperation and discipline that is derived therefrom. These efforts exist to serve and inform the Second Amendment, hunting and firearms communities on issues that relate to their rights and legal concerns through the accessibility of:

  • Educational media promoted by social media platforms and print publications.
  • Research and development of publications that support Second Amendment issues.
  • Special intertest programs such as women’s interests, faith based property programs training and education, and youth shooting sport programs.
  • Hunting and conservation opportunities for youth, veterans, adaptive shooters, and adults of all ages, backgrounds, and experience.
  • Firearms safety training courses; and
  • Range and retail assistance programs that effectively enhance the understanding of legal California compliance requirements.
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Hunting and Conservation

The CRPA Foundation promotes access to hunter education, wildlife conservation and outdoor activities that protect Californian’s hunting rights and preserve California’s natural resources for generations to come. These widely supported programs advance participation in hunting, target shooting and safe gun ownership. The CRPA Foundation focuses on ensuring that these educational and recreational opportunities are accessible for California outdoorsmen and women alike, with an emphasis in affording new and continued opportunities to youth, women, veterans, and adaptive shooters.

Youth Shooting Sports

The CRPA Foundation is dedicated to fostering youth leadership skills through bolstering programs that engage kids, teenagers and young adults in wildlife conservation, hunting heritage and traditions, and competitive and recreational shooting sports. Through its scholarship program, the CRPA Foundation supports collegiate bound students that believe in the preservation of the Second Amendment and conservation of wildlife in California.

Civil Rights Litigation

CRPA Foundation’s work in fighting for constitutional rights of gun owners is essential to its core purpose of education. When laws infringe upon the rights of gun owners to exercise their freedoms, the very mission of the CRPA Foundation is threatened. The CRPA Foundation supports litigation that defends and expands legal recognition of the rights protected by the Second Amendment and, supports litigation that seeks to strike down unconstitutional laws that conflict with our charitable purposes. The CRPAF is a named plaintiff in many California gun owners’ cases, supports other named plaintiffs, and supports many CRPA cases in the California courts and plans for many more. The CRPA legal team has decades of experience and works diligently to stop California from enacting numerous unconstitutional laws. The CRPA Foundation is also known to support cases across the country through its amicus brief support program to further support the Second Amendment. Click here to read more.

Marksmanship and Range Protection

Recreational and competitive target shooting programs, like matches, engage new shooters in learning valuable marksmanship skills, foster community growth, and aid to protect shooting ranges provide.  These programs serve as forums that engage the public in firearm safety, gun law politics, and safe, responsible participation in the shooting sports. To participate in the shooting sports, people must have access responsibly and safely to training opportunities and shooting ranges. Unfortunately, too many ranges in California are being forced to close due to issues that could have otherwise been avoided. Accordingly, range owners and operators must be aware of the many threats and remain knowledgeable about resources and assistance programs available to proactively address predictable challenges. The CRPA Foundation supports CRPA’s Range Shield Program which serves in helping ranges operate successfully in compliance with California law through its team of lawyers, experts, range designers, noise consultants, and environmental consultants standing by to help local ranges. The CRPA Range Shield team is available to consult with your Board of Directors to discuss any issue. Be sure that your range is compliant with federal, state, and local laws by scheduling a free shooting range assessment visit. Click here for more information.

Historical Arms Exhibitions

Historical arms collecting is a crucial facet of our Second Amendment heritage that begs conservation as collectors preserve a piece of history for generations to come. The CRPA Foundation educates the public about the historic, technological, and aesthetic significance of firearms and supports exhibitions and displays of historically significant firearms in the hands of collectors who come to appreciate their historical significance. The historical significance of firearms and their development continues to fascinate and educate those who experience such exhibitions and collections. Click here for more information.

Research, Education, and Publications

Modern day social and digital media campaigns are critical in educating the public and mobilizing the truth about the social value and utility of firearms. The CRPAF funds digital media campaigns including public service announcements focused on firearms education for the public, firearms safety, hunting, conservation and more; publishing and distributing several educational booklets and brochures on gun laws, gun safety, and other topics of interest to California citizens and gun owners. The Foundation supports pro-2A research and articles in various publications. Click Here To See All Publications from the CRPA Foundation.

Donate to the CRPA Foundation

Your Giving Affords us to Fund Essential Programs

CRPAF Statement of Financial Practices

The CRPA Foundation has a Board of Trustees that watches the books and expenses and inside and outside accountants that scrutinize expenses. CRPAF also has a conflict of interest disclosure and review policy, a vendor fraud prevention policy, expenses review and limitation policy and review process, and multiple other safeguards in place to make sure every donation is spent wisely and frugally. Board of Trustee members are volunteers and are  paid nothing for the many hours of work because they believe in the mission of CRPAF. Any legal work done for the CRPA or CRPAF is done at significantly reduced hourly “non- profit” rates. No other 2A association is more scrupulous about avoiding financial improprieties than CRPAF. Donations and are closely monitored, budgeted, and reinvested into education, program offerings, and  fighting for the rights of California gun owners.

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