About the CRPA Foundation

Since 2004, the CRPA Foundation (CRPAF) has served freedom-loving Californians by raising funds to benefit eligible programs supportive of advancing its mission and ensuring the continued fight to protect Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding citizens in California who to choose to own a gun for sport, hunting, and personal protection. CRPAF’s lawyers and experts work to strike down unconstitutional laws in court, defend and expand legal recognition of the rights protected by the Second Amendment, promote firearms and hunting safety, protect hunting rights, enhance marksmanship skills of those participating in shooting sports, and educate the public about firearms and their historic, technological, and aesthetic significance. Donations to the CRPAF are used for the direct benefit of Californians. Grants from CRPAF benefit a wide variety of constituencies throughout California, including eligible CRPA Programs that educate and benefit youth, women, gun collectors, hunters, target shooters, law enforcement, adaptive shooters, and those who choose to own a gun to defend themselves and their families. Donations to the CRPAF support research, publications, amicus briefs in cases across the country and in the all-important Second Amendment cases here in California, and more. Sponsors and donors are essential in the fight to protect and promote the rights of firearm owners in California. Protecting and defending the individual’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms, both in public and private is the CRPA Foundation’s greatest privilege.

Donations to the CRPA Foundation (CRPAF) support a diverse range of charitable, educational, legal, and scientific firearms-related public interest activities to preserve the Second Amendment for current and future generations. Donations are made in the form of tax deductible gifts, appreciated stocks, wills, living trusts, donated real estate or firearms collections, and more. It all starts with your generous commitment and continued support! The CRPA Foundation is a charitable, tax-exempt entity incorporated under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and under California law. Contributions are deductible to the extent allowable by law. Please consult a tax professional for specific advice on how such contributions may be tax deductible.  The CRPA Foundation Tax ID number is #73-1719822.

CRPA Foundation

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