Volunteers Make The Difference!

Volunteers Make The Difference!

There are many ways you can join the fight alongside CRPA. Many times you can find us at Gun Shows, engaging with potential new members at our booth. Our volunteers express exactly how CRPA is making a difference up and down the state of California in protecting your Constitutional Rights.

Informative brochures and forms are passed out at these shows to educate people what the current and ever-changing laws are in our state and how to be compliant. CRPA offers a generous incentive program for memberships sold. Free admission and parking into Gun Shows is also a great perk our volunteers receive.

The California Rifle and Pistol Association holds many fun events all throughout the year. These range from Youth Safari Day, Women on Target, Second Amendment Day, and more. If you enjoy teaching beginner gun enthusiasts, the proper way to shoot: We want you on our team! Volunteers play a huge role in gun safety education. Many have said that it has been very gratifying watching people start out afraid and timid about shooting to confident and excited about the sport.

Political activism is needed now more than ever in California. Most would agree this is a huge understatement. Our volunteers’ mission is not partisan. It is a Constitutional goal. With over 8 million votes of law-abiding gun owners in the Golden State, there should be nothing out of our reach. Our volunteers help in monitoring candidates for state and local offices worthy of support and participate in evaluations. They help with election campaigns to support or oppose candidates and help get out the vote.

For more information please contact our Volunteer Department at (714) 992-2772 or volunteer@crpa.org.

We look forward to fighting the good fight with all of you!

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