Donate to Support Your Constitutional Freedoms


In California we are in a constant struggle at the local and state level to stop politicians and those influenced by the well-funded gun control lobby. Their words say they don’t want to take your guns, but their actions say something quite differently.

This is where the CRPA comes in. We are the oldest and largest state gun rights organization in California. For over 145 years we have been fighting for your rights in local council meetings, state commission and legislative meetings and in the courts. CRPA is the one that brought you FREEDOM WEEK and we are the ones fighting against unconstitutional magazine and ammunition bans in the courts. Where other groups say they are taking action to protect the Second Amendment, we actually are there standing in the gap and holding the state accountable.

When you donate to the CRPA you are supporting programs and coalitions that keep youth shooting and ranges open. You are supporting 2A Action Centers with our Business Affiliates who educate the public on important issues. You are supporting our legislative and regulatory teams in Sacramento and across the state and you are supporting your right to keep and bear arms.

We also have The CRPA Foundation. When you donate to the CRPAF you are supporting research, publication, amicus briefs in cases all across the country and the all important Second Amendment cases here in California. Our legal team has decades of experience and works diligently to stop California from enacting numerous unconstitutional laws.

Just choose how you would like to give by clicking on the buttons at the top of the page. We guarantee your gifts will make a difference. The fight may be long and constant, but just like the last 145 years, CRPA will continue to be there to hold the line and defend the Second.