CRPAF Statement of Financial Practices

The CRPA Foundation (CRPAF) has a Board of Trustees that watches the books and expenses and inside and outside accountants that scrutinize expenses. CRPAF also has a conflict of interest disclosure and review policy, a vendor fraud prevention policy, expenses review and limitation policy and review process, and multiple other safeguards in place to make sure every donation is spent wisely and frugally. Board of Trustee members are volunteers and are paid nothing for the many hours of work because they believe in the mission of CRPAF. Any legal work done for the CRPA or CRPAF is done at significantly reduced hourly “non- profit” rates. No other 2A association is more scrupulous about avoiding financial improprieties than CRPAF. Donations and funds are closely monitored, budgeted, and reinvested into education, program offerings, and  fighting for the rights of California gun owners.