CRPA Student Membership

CRPA Student Members have a lot in common.

They find satisfaction in sharing their values, hobbies, and future in shooting sports with those around them and are leading the next generation of 2A advocates.

Student Membership




CRPA Students are every-day advocates for:

  • Freedom & personal responsibility

  • Demystifying common gun myths

  • Hunters as part of wildlife conservation

  • Competitive and recreational shooters

  • Gun owner/voter education

  • New shooter education!

  • Promoting youth shooting team activities

Student Member Portal

Student Member Login

If you are already a student member of the CRPA, you have access to exclusive content that is all about the Second Amendment, shooting sports, youth activism, and more.  Just click the link above, and enter your username and password for your CRPA member account.  Go to the drop down, and choose your student membership tab.

Student Membership

If you have not already joined us, what are you waiting for? Student Members get access to content that is just for you- not your parents and grandparents. We are excited to get you connected with other 2A student supporters so you can explore all possibilities of being active, trained and prepared, and knowledgeable.

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