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CRPA PAC Recruiting and Supporting Pro-Second Amendment Candidates in California

Dates and Deadlines for Candidate Filings:

Are You Ready to Run for Political Office?

Every election cycle, there are thousands of qualified people in California that could throw their hats in the ring. They are strong Second Amendment supporters, and they understand the Constitution and how it protects the people. If you are one of these qualified people and you are ready to run–we are here to help.

Thinking about running for office and making a difference in your local or state community? We want to talk to you! There are many open seats or seats that can be flipped in specific districts, and we need people who have always had that urge to get involved but may not know how to do it. Decisions about your rights are being made every day in local city councils, county commissions, courtrooms, and the state assembly, and we need people in those seats.

Once you sign up to get more information, you will be part of a community of 2A candidates that CRPA PAC supports with the promotion of events, fundraising, financial support, grading your 2A stances for the over 1 million gun owners in California, and providing information in one place for all of the filing resources needed.


*All endorsed 2A Candidates will have a profile with a link to their campaign website or social media listed on the CRPA PAC page.

What Kind of Candidate Are We Looking For?

We work with and endorse Pro-Second Amendment candidates who are serious about making a difference in their communities, state, and country. Any candidate seeking the support and endorsement of the CRPA PAC must complete a candidate questionnaire and should be able to express their support for the Second Amendment as an individual right inherent in every American. The Second Amendment is not something given by the government but something protected by the people.

We’re looking for candidates with deep ties to their community. Folks who are already in their district — volunteering, organizing, mentoring, and doing the work. In California, we are looking for candidates who are not afraid to stand for the Constitution and what they believe in against the tide of gun control candidates.


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