CRPA Political Action Committee

Political Action Is Every Gun Owners’ Responsibility

We’re leading the fight across California to protect our civil liberties and keep the Second Amendment alive – and our families’ safety depends on our success. We must protect ourselves from those who oppose the Second Amendment and want nothing less than to see California a gun-free state.

This season of politics has proved to be even more critical as we have seen with our own eyes the discrimination of elected officials who have flat out denied the rights of citizens to lawfully purchase firearms. Never have our constitutional rights been more important than in a time of global emergencies and civil unrest.

The CRPA Political Action Committee works to support those candidates that support the Second Amendment and oppose those candidates that attempt to limit or take away your right to defend yourself and others or to use your firearm for any lawful purpose.

Join us today and put your dollars into action. Every contribution you make goes to protect the Second Amendment in California – and there’s never been a more urgent time than right now.

Thanks for having our back.

2022 Endorsed Sheriff Candidates for June Primary- 2A Patriot Sheriffs