Legislative Advocacy

Thank you for taking the time to get involved and make a difference. The fact you are viewing this page speaks to your commitment to our shared beliefs and doing your part to protect our cherished Second Amendment Rights and Hunting Heritage. Here, you will find links to the most current information available regarding legislation at the Capital in Sacramento.

You can make a difference. Take the time to stay informed and share your beliefs with anyone and everyone who will listen to you. Family, friends, the man who cuts your hair, or the lady stuck behind you in line at the grocery store. Take the time to visit your local representatives and let them know exactly how you feel. Your physical presence at their district office as their voter is equally as important as our testimony in Sacramento. We can and will win this battle ONE VOTE AT A TIME!

Thank YOU for your continued support!

Respectfully Submitted,
Rick Travis, Legislative Director


12/09/2022- Update on Special Session of Legislature- We Call Shenanigans! 

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