Further Unpacking Rahimi: Chuck Michel Joins CRPA TV

June 25, 2024

Last week’s announcement of the Rahimi decision was perhaps as notable for what it did NOT do as for what it did.  Advocates on both sides of the 2A debate saw the case as an opportunity for the Supreme Court strike a blow for their side, but the biggest news was…they didn’t.

So, now we have the aftermath and just as many questions as before, though even the narrow ruling did yield some good things.  The eight-member majority opinion firmly endorses both Heller and Bruen as the law of the land.  Lower courts seeking to affirm anti-gun laws got no help from Rahimi. And several 2A cases remain pending with the Court, which will need to dispose of them in some way or another presently.

To help continue unwinding what the Rahimi decision does (and does not) mean, CRPA President Chuck Michel joined CRPA TV host Kevin Small for an insightful interview.