BREAKING! CRPA Files for Re-Hearing In Gun Show Ban Case

June 26, 2024

Courts across the country continue slithering their way around the Bruen standard.  One of the most incredulous examples was the ruling passed down a couple weeks back in B&L Productions v. Newsom, CRPA’s case challenging California’s ban on gun shows on state property. Tuesday, CRPA filed a motion to have the case re-heard en banc.

Because our case asserts that the ban violates both the First and Second Amendments, the ruling upholding the ban was doubly perplexing- especially considering our multiple wins already in this matter.  First, the court claimed that the First Amendment only covered “expressive activity” and went on to define the offering of a firearm for sale as covered, but the accepting of that offer as NOT covered. The Court gave no guidance on when “acceptance” actually occurs or what is involved leaving gun show vendors once again in a confusing and vague situation with no real directive.  With that, the First Amendment was dispensed with.

The twisted logic continued as the ruling claimed that while the Second Amendment includes the right to “keep and bear arms,” actually purchasing one was never intended by the frames to be covered. Something multiple courts have dispensed with since 1871.  So I can have one, I just can’t acquire one?  Amazing.

CRPA will fight on in this case and defend Bruen wherever we can. Courts with political agendas will continue to attempt to make up new tests for our Second Amendment rights that reject the correct analysis of historic tradition as relayed in Bruen.  And that’s truly what this case is about. In the most recent ruling in this case, the panel relied on pre-Bruen case analysis in attempting to water down modern Second Amendment jurisprudence, which is unbelievable even for a Ninth Circuit panel.

Even for those who do not regularly attend gun shows, it is vital that we stop the government from simply picking and choosing which of your fundamental rights you can or cannot exercise. This is not about just attending a gun show. This is about anti-gun politicians deeming that your First and Second Amendment rights are dispensable or inferior to other rights simply because they are connected to a disfavored right.