Litigation Program

The right to keep and bear arms (RKBA) is sometimes called “Liberty’s Teeth” because it protects all the rest of our liberties. The CRPA legal team works to strategically develop Second Amendment jurisprudence and to challenge unconstitutional or illegal and ill-conceived gun laws in court. Our team of highly regarded civil rights attorneys and scholars from across the country have the experience, resources, skill, and expertise needed to maximize the potential for victory in California’s often hostile 2A environment.

The ruling in the hard fought McDonald case (in which The CRPA Foundation filed an amicus brief) opened the door for additional legal challenges to state and local gun laws in California.  Now that we have court rulings confirming that the Second Amendment civil right applies nationally.  Winning decisions in other jurisdictions can be used as important legal precedent in California.  The CRPA legal team litigates against ill-conceived gun control laws and ordinances.  With decades of experience litigating civil rights issues, the lawyers and experts that make up The CRPA Legal team provide perspective and experience that is more critical than ever.