CRPA & GOC File “Sensitive Places” Lawsuit

October 10, 2022

California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) and Gun Owners of California (GOC) are joining forces again to protect your rights. Just today we filed a lawsuit to challenge the overly-broad “sensitive places” ordinance in the City of Glendale, CA.

This past legislative session, California legislators tried to pass SB 918 which would have made it almost impossible to carry a firearm in the state of California by declaring just about every place a “sensitive place.” CRPA and GOC defeated this bill in the waning hours of the legislative session, but that won’t stop anti-2A legislators from bringing it back next legislative session.

We are not going to sit by and wait for California to try to strip you of your rights. We are striking while the iron is hot and filing a federal lawsuit that will challenge the constitutionality of “sensitive place” laws under the recent Bruen test.

If you remember, Bruen specifically warned jurisdictions against trying to limit the ability to carry a firearm by using this tactic of making the entire state a “sensitive place” where firearms are prohibited. Gavin Newsom, in utter defiance of the Supreme Court, tried it anyway.

A right one cannot exercise is not a right at all!

Join CRPA and Support this case by joining us in preserving your rights.