CRPA Takes Next Step To Stop SB 2

November 30, 2023

CRPA has filed our reply to the state’s opposition to the motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the implementation of SB 2.  The case, known as May, et al v. Bonta, now awaits a ruling on the motion, which, if granted, would ensure that the new law would not take effect until the case is fully decided, if at all.

We’ve been saying for months now that the methodology used to apply the Bruen standard represents a crucial Second Amendment legal issue.  The fight to stop California’s insidious SB 2 encapsulates what is at stake.

If the state (and gun control advocates across the country) get their way, the Bruen standard becomes nothing more than what it was for decades before: a hurdle easily cleared with a simple assertion that the restriction in question would promote public safety, regardless of whether that assertion has any basis in fact.

What the Bruen standard really should do, however, is hold the government accountable to prove that its infringement on a fundamental right indeed aligns with what the framers intended.  This would establish the Second Amendment on a par with other rights afforded by the Constitution.