Youth Programs

CRPA is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Second amendment for the next generation. We provide programs, training, and resources to empower youth to be safe, shoot straight, and fight back! Through our Youth Programs, youth have the opportunity and resources available to them to receive firearms training by certified instructors, become involved in clubs and competitions, receive awards and scholarships, volunteer, and learn how to hunt properly.

  • Youth Hunt Camps
  • Pheasant Hunt
  • Traditional Hunter Education For Parents/Guardians
  • Basics of Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun For 16-17 year olds
  • Basics of Shotgun Shooting For Ages 8+
  • Range Safety Officer Training
  • Map & Compass Certification
  • Animal Trapping & Tracking
  • Backcountry Cooking
  • Game Meat Cooking Class
  • Disaster Preparedness Families
  • Wilderness & Survival Training
    • Fire Starting
    • Knot tying
    • Tent building
    • and more!

Additional Resources