Ready or Not…It’s Election Season!

February 22, 2024

Primary election day in California is March 5th, just a little over two weeks away.  It seems almost cliche at this point to portray the next election cycle as “critical”, but in one way that is accurate: ALL elections are important.

That goes double for lawful gun owners in California, who face a constant barrage of half-baked ideas to disarm the public.  It is these elections, from local city councils to Congress, that make the difference.  We may not flip the balance of power every time out, but the voice of the Second Amendment community continues to grow louder and that momentum helps us and our allies.

We know there are many issues and characteristics to consider when heading to the ballot box, but if you are reading this newsletter you certainly are interested in how candidates stand on key 2A issues.  CRPA has you covered!

Our candidate guides for state legislative,  localnationaland judicial candidates provide  information on which candidates support Second Amendment rights and which, well, just don’t. Please review these guides and share them with friends and family to ensure they are informed as well.

The Bruen decision and others now provide reason for hope in getting bad gun laws struck down, but this is ALL much easier if those terrible ideas never get passed in the first place.  Your vote COUNTS…use it wisely!

Check out CRPA’s Candidate Guides!