Chuck Michel Joins CRPA TV to Talk CRPA v. LASD

April 23, 2024

The process for CCW application and issuance in California exemplifies the chicanery of anti-2A lawmakers and bureaucrats, who use any and all tricks at their disposal to delay and even deny lawful citizens exercising their rights.

Absurdly long processing times.  Outrageous fees.  Bizarre criteria.  Sure, “good cause” is gone and Bruen sets forth the parameters for CCW’s going forward but, DANG these bureaucrats can create obstacles out of thin air!

The ink was barely dry on the Bruen decision when CRPA began reaching out to every county in the state to ensure that the new standards were being followed.  Many counties adhered quickly, but others (looking at you San Francisco and Los Angeles) couldn’t help but drag their feet.

So, where do we stand? How is our case against the LA Sheriff’s Department impacting this effort?  What can we expect going forward?  Chuck Michel, CRPA’s President and General Counsel stopped in to chat with CRPA TV host Kevin Small to update these and other questions.


Every county sheriff in California KNOWS that CRPA will NEVER QUIT!  This CCW Reckoning will continue until every California citizen has proper access to a CCW under the Bruen standard.

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