New From CRPA TV: Chuck Michel On Oral Arguments in May v. Bonta

April 16, 2024

SB 2, authored by infamous disarmament advocate Sen. Anthony Portantino, symbolizes the post-Bruen reaction of anti-2A lawmakers: don’t outright DENY the rights of lawful gun owners, just make it so they can’t exercise them.

As soon as the bill was signed into law, CRPA and our allies filed the case of May v. Bonta to challenge it.  This effort included a motion to enjoin the law from taking effect pending the case being heard, a motion that was ultimately successful despite the state’s objections. That brings us to last week’s oral arguments.  Before a (not surprisingly) hostile panel, the merits of the case were finally explored.

On the latest installment of CRPA TV, CRPA President & General Counsel Chuck Michel stops in to share his insights on the arguments, the judges’ questions, and where things might go from here.


As we’ve stated time and again, CRPA will fight to repeal SB 2 all the way to the Supreme Court if needed.  Thanks to all who contribute to help us in this effort!