SB 2 Becomes Law, CRPA & Allies Already Challenging It

September 28, 2023
This week, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law SB 2 (Portantino), a bill designed to make CCW’s more difficult to obtain and virtually impossible to actually put in practice.  As we noted in our recent alerts about the bill, CRPA has already pushed back on this vindictive legislative response to the Bruen decision.
The new law represents a blatant end run around Bruen by synthesizing a new approach to the now explicitly unconstitutional “good cause” requirement.  It also declares huge swaths of the state as “sensitive places” where concealed carry would be outlawed, an approach called out directly by the Bruen  majority opinion. The net effect is what anti-2A lawmakers intend: disarm the lawful.
The Governor signed the bill, along with several other 2A restrictions, in a press conference littered with allusions to statistics that lawmakers claim justify their actions.  Criminals are allowed to run free, while lawful gun owners are increasingly disarmed and left to pay the tab for the lawless.
CRPA and our allies will NOT let this effort succeed! Join us in this fight!