BIG WIN! SB 1160 is DEAD!

April 11, 2024

Earlier this week we pondered what might be next for SB 1160, Sen. Anthony Portantino’s latest attack on lawful gun owners that would force every gun to be taxed and every gun owner to pay.  Today we got our answer: NOTHING!

Sen. Portantino “gutted and amended” the bill, removing the odious language that would have taxed every single gun owner on every single firearm each year.   And CRPA was there fighting for you in Sacramento! This bill was such an absurd intrusion on 2A rights and a totally unnecessary burden for DOJ that the Senate Public Safety committee staff took aim at it in a scathing analysis.

In the immediate aftermath of this news, CRPA Legislative Director Rick Travis sat down with CRPA TV to discuss how this victory came about and what might come next.  WATCH NOW!

THANK YOU to all who supported the efforts of CRPA and our broad coalition!  As fun as it is to celebrate a “gut and amend” that actually HELPS lawful gun owners, we know that gun control advocates like Sen. Portantino are never done! CRPA is always monitoring actions in Sacramento and will update members if anything changes.