SB 1160: A Threat To Every Gun & Gun Owner

March 13, 2024

EVERY. SINGLE. GUN. Registered and taxed repeatedly.

EVERY. SINGLE. GUN OWNER. Taxed annually for each and every gun.

Those of you who thought gun control didn’t matter because they weren’t going after you or your gun, we told you this was always part of their plan. They want to know about every single gun in the state, and every single gun owner. And they are going to charge you a fee on each gun you have, every single year. Your plinker? Registered and taxed annually. Your hunting shotgun? Registered and taxed annually.

We told you so. And now here it is in black and white: the California legislature is moving to pass Senate Bill 1160.

No one is safe from this. Every gun owner in California will be affected and will have to pay the state for the “privilege” of owning a gun for sport or to defend your family.

Those on the sidelines: are you awake now? GET IN THE GAME!