SCOTUS To Take Up “Ghost Guns” Case

April 22, 2024

Today, the Supreme Court announced that this fall it will hear an appeal from the Biden administration on the case challenging a new definition of a firearm that includes unfinished parts. The administration, through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), pushed the new definition back in 2022 and it was challenged in the Fifth Circuit, where it ultimately was deemed unconstitutional.

The Court first intervened in the case last August when it voted 5-4 to let the regulation remain in place while the legal fight continued.  Now, the Court will hear the case on its merits, providing yet another opportunity to clarify the appropriate application of the Bruen standard.

“As the administration and anti-2A lawmakers continue their attacks on lawful gun ownership, we welcome any chance for the Supreme Court to provide direction on the proper application of Bruen,” stated CRPA President & General Counsel Chuck Michel.

CRPA will back this fight any way we can, supporting the fight against this sort of administrative rulemaking that diminishes the rights of gun owners.

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