New From CRPA TV: More Invasive Attacks From Sacramento

April 2, 2024

It’s just so TIRESOME! Sacramento politicians, backed by (or in pursuit of) Everytown/Bloomberg campaign funds, roll out insidious attack after insidious attack on “gun culture”. We’ve come to expect it, so much so that we can see how today’s clever bill idea becomes the justification for tomorrow’s unconstitutional restriction.

In the latest edition of CRPA TV, host Kevin Small welcomes CRPA Legislative Director Rick Travis to discuss two bills, SB 965 (Min) and AB 1869 (McKinnor), that would not only be invasive today, but portend even greater 2A attacks going forward.


Both bills mandate the collection of voluminous information from federal firearms licensees (FFL’s).  While both claim to promote public safety, 2A advocates know the real goal: gather information the fuels the gun control narrative.  Oh, and maybe justify a few more jobs reliant on a state budget already deeply under water.

CRPA is grateful for our members, especially our Chapters who help uncover these legislative schemes at the local level day in and day out.  It will take a strong collective effort to defeat these ideas, whether in the legislature or in court.  Thank you for your support!