Election ’24: Are YOU Ready?

June 13, 2024

Is it just us (the 2A community) or does every election seem just a little more intense than the last?  The last couple years have seen their share of excitement in seemingly all aspects of life and the battle over the right to keep and bear arms is no exception.

Making sure you are PREPPED!
1. Check your registration status
2. Register to vote
3. Get educated on candidates’ records on Second Amendment issues

On the whole, CRPA members need few reminders about the election process.  Second Amendment advocates grasp all too well the role played by elected leaders at all levels of government and we relish the opportunity to vote (even if the results aren’t always what we would prefer).

So, if you are all ready to go for this November’s election, SHARE the reminders below with friends and family, especially the link to CRPA’s Campaigns & Elections page to ensure we get out the vote on November 5th!

And, if you are so inclined, get them to become a member of CRPA!  Together we can continue the Second Amendment Reckoning!