Shooting on BLM Lands in San Diego County

Some good new and some bad:

Mike Harrison from Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr’s office sent the following attachments to me and I am sending them out to you so you know we got a reply from the US Department of the Interior regarding the shooting closure on BLM lands known as the Pink Gate area off of  Hwy 94.

The two bills in Committee for banning trapping in CA have both cruised through the committee on a partisan vote and will be moving up the ladder. By a 9 to 3 vote, the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife passed AB 273, which would ban all fur trapping of fur-bearing and nongame mammals including coyotes and foxes in the state. The Committee also passed AB 44–which would prohibit the sale of new fur products in the state–with a vote of 10 to 4. Please contact your Assemblyperson and urge them to vote no on these two bills.

Gary F. Brennan

President, San Diego County Wildlife Federation

*DOI Response BLM Recreational Shooting area closure

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