CRPA Alert: AB 61 & 879 Pass Assembly Floor, Move On To Governor’s Desk

This is a life or death week for some of the worst anti-gun owner bills that the CRPA has ever seen.

AB 61 (Ting) would initiate the expansion of Gun Violence Restraining Orders so that co-workers, teachers, and employers would have the right to take away your guns without due process.

AB 879 (Gipson) would effectively redefine “firearm” to include precursor parts that are sold often amongst gun owners. More government over lording and less freedom for the gun-owning community.

These bills that threaten Californians’ rights, were just voted off the Assembly floor this afternoon and are advancing toward the Governor’s desk.

How can you help?

Call Governor Newsom and urge him to follow in former Governor Brown’s footsteps in vetoing these scrupulous bills that would do nothing but create more work for government employees and restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

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