SHOWDOWN: Newsom Takes On Desantis (And His Own Record)

November 30, 2023

This Thursday evening, Fox News will host a fairly unusual debate.  In a matchup billed as “Red state versus blue state”, California Governor Gavin Newsom will square off with Florida Governor Ron Desantis.  Both men, have presidential aspirations though only one is formally running at the moment.

In a long post on X (formerly Twitter) earlier this week, Congressman Kevin Kiley (R-CA), posed some of his own questions for Gov. Newsom based on his service in the California Assembly.  Kiley takes Newsom to task on everything from COVID to homelessness to why so many people are leaving the state despite the Governor’s claims that California is a “model” for the rest of the nation.

Newsom’s record, both as Mayor of San Francisco and Governor, are certainly fair game as he seeks to defend his progressive blue state policies against Desantis’ leadership in Florida.  The contrast is certainly stark.

Having endured Newsom’s reckless disregard for years now, we at CRPA would love to pose some of our own questions at Thursday night’s debate.

How does Newsom justify spending millions in taxpayer money to defend laws he freely admits are unconstitutional?  (CRPA has been charting this issue for a while, you can check it out here)

Why would he copy word for word a law that he is still vociferously fighting in Texas?

How can he justify supporting a law that even his own Attorney General (himself a noted gun control advocate) refused to defend?

How are Californians expected to feel safe when Newsom and his allies continually support policies that let criminals out early to walk the streets with impunity, driving up the state’s violent crime rate?  

We can be reasonably sure that when Newsom speaks about guns on Thursday evening that his stats will be either misleading, distorted, or downright fabricated.  And that all of his rhetoric will be designed to distract from what has proven to be a pretty dismal track record as Governor.

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