Newsom’s Failing Score- Legislation Passed and Defeated

2024: Office of Budget revised their estimates for California under Newsoms’s administration. California will be in the hole for a total of $68 billion dollars. See Report here

Governor Newsom is wasting tax-payer money pushing his pet projects. He has called for more gun control than any previous California governor and has nothing to show for it but mounting legal bills as he continues to have his laws ruled unconstitutional in the courts. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom has made it his vindictive mission to destroy the Second Amendment in California, and with his plans to run for the Presidential election soon, he is bringing his unconstitutional laws to your state. Newsom likes to claim that his over-the-top gun control agenda is “leading” the nation in attacking gun violence, but what is Newsom’s actual record? Newsom’s continuously losing record in the courts does nothing to make California safer, get tough on the criminals that threaten the people of California, and do nothing but prop up his image with his core supporters for his campaign.

This page tracks all of the anti-gun legislation signed into law by Newsom, whether the courts have overturned the law or let it stand, and how much this reckless agenda is costing the taxpayers of California. (If there is no Cost listed, the case is still being litigated and cannot be calculated at this time)


Challenge to SB 1384 (FFL Recording)            Challenged by Richards v. Newsom                 Court Ruling:                                        Cost to CA:$

Challenge to SB2 (Sensitive Places)                  Challenged by May v. Bonta                               Court Ruling: Injunction Issued      Cost to CA: $

Injunction Stayed Pending Appeal

Prop. 63-Ammunition Restrictions                   Challenged by Rhode v. Becerra                         Court Ruling: WIN! Injunction        Cost to CA: $ Millions

Prop 63-Magazine Capacity                                 Challenged by Duncan v. Becerra                      Court Ruling: Win!-Appealed          Cost to CA: $ Millions

Prop 630-“Assault Weapons”                                Challenged by Rupp v. Becerra                          Court Ruling:                                      Cost to CA: $ Millions

Public Carry Case (2016)                                      Challenged by Flanagan v. Harris                    Court Ruling: Case Dismissed         Cost to CA:$500,000

AB 2571 (Youth Marketing)                                  Challenged by Jr. Sports Mag. v. Bonta         Court Ruling:  Injunction Issued       Cost to CA:$100,000

AB 311 (Gun Shows- Del Mar)                               Challenged by: B&L v. Newsom                       Court Ruling: On Appeal                  Cost to CA: $

AB 867/SB 915 ( B & L II-Gun Shows)                Challenged by: B & L v. Newsom                     Court Ruling: Win! Injunction             Cost to CA:$

AB 1842 (Fees for Dealers)                                     Challenged by:                                                     Court Ruling:                                      Cost to CA:$

AB 2156 (Manf. of Firearms)                                 Challenged by:                                                      Court Ruling:                                      Cost to CA: $

AB 1327 (Fee Shifting)                                            Challenged by: SBRGC v. Bonta                       Court Ruling: WIN ! Injunction       Cost to CA: $300,000

AB 2239 (10 yr. Prohibition)                                 Challenged by:                                                      Court Ruling:                                       Cost to CA: $

SB 906 (Schools Required to Report)                  Challenged by:                                                      Court Ruling:                                      Cost to CA: $

Restraining Orders                                                   Challenged by: Wallingford v. Bonta              Court Ruling: On appeal                     Cost to CA: $

DOJ Data Breach                                                      Challenged by:  Hanisee v. CA                         Court Ruling:                                       Cost to CA: $

Pre-Emption (Stolen/Lost Guns)                          Challenged by:   Kirk v. Morgan Hill                Court Ruling: Dismissed                Cost to CA: $

Sensitive Places (Glendale)                                     Challenged by: CRPA v. Bonta                          Court Ruling: Win! Settlement       Cost to CA: $200,000

Good Moral Character Challenge                          Challenged by:                                                      Court Ruling:                                       Cost to CA: $

Gun Store/Shooting Ranges                                   Challenged by: Brandy v. Villanueva              Court Ruling:                                       Cost to CA: $

Gun Store Closures                                                   Challenged by: Altman v. Cty. Santa Clara    Court Ruling:  Mooted/ Law Change

Gun Store Closures                                                   Challenged by: McDougall c. Cty. of Ventura Court Ruling                                      Cost to CA: $

Gun Insurance/Fees                                                 Challenged by:    DID NOT PASS                      Court Ruling:                                      Cost to CA: $

Assault Weapon Challenge                                      Challenged by: Miller v. Bonta                         Court Ruling: Win! On Appeal         Cost to CA: $

Handgun Roster Challenge                                      Challenged by: Boland v. Bonta                      Court Ruling: WIN! Injunction      Cost to CA: $

Handgun Roster                                                         Challenged by: Renna v. Bonta                        Court Ruling:                                       Cost to CA: $

Ghost Guns Challenge                                              Challenged by: Fahr v. City San Diego            Court Ruling:  Stayed                        Cost to CA: $

Second Challenge to AB 2571                                  Challenged by: SoCal Top Guns v. Bonta         Court Ruling: On Appeal                 Cost to CA: $