CA DOJ Refuses to Continue Defending One of Newsom’s Laws- SB 1327

December 9, 2022
As you’ve hopefully heard by now, the CA DOJ will drop its defense of SB 1327.

We railed against this bill when it was first introduced and fought hard against it in Sacramento. We warned of its chilling effect.  And of course, we IMMEDIATELY filed a lawsuit to challenge it!

As we noted earlier in the week, the state was arguing in Texas against this very same law while attempting to defend it here in California.  Apparently even those desperate to destroy the Second Amendment couldn’t withstand that level of absurdity.

This is a HUGE win!  It’s not often that you find the state unable to put up a defense of a law they passed just a few months ago.  Heck, they were even afforded the opportunity to amend the law in the midst of our court challenge…and STILL they couldn’t make it work.  And now they have admitted it!

CRPA served a Rule 11 Sanction Motion yesterday on the state attorneys stating that the DOJ knew at the time they filed their opposition brief that the legal arguments had no merit and it looks like that may have been the catalyst for this sudden change of direction. Now it is up to the Governor himself to try to defend against it with his own legal team should he so choose.

The Bruen decision was the “end of the beginning” and CRPA is committed to making sure that we achieve its promise!