Every Single Gun? No Thanks – A Note From CRPA President Chuck Michel

May 31, 2024

From CRPA President & General Counsel Chuck Michel:

Several weeks back, CRPA sounded the alarm about an insidious new bill in Sacramento.  SB 1160, authored by noted disarmament advocate Sen. Anthony Portantino, threatened EVERY SINGLE GUN and EVERY SINGLE GUN OWNER.

Exemplifying the massive over-reach we’ve seen since Bruen, the bill expanded the “crimes” relating to gun ownership and registration, while adding a new database that even the state’s own Department of Justice criticized as unnecessary and unwieldy.  CRPA members rallied ferociously in opposition to the bill and, facing the opposition of DOJ and others as well as a crippling state budget deficit, Sen. Portantino withdrew the bill from consideration.  Recently, it formally died.

Each of these burdensome restrictions we can defeat BEFORE they become law represents an even bigger win.  Lawsuit costs are saved.  Time and energy are saved.  And there are fewer opportunities for strange rulings that impede our post-Bruen progress.

THANK YOU to all who have contributed to CRPA over the years and to those who rallied to defeat this horrible piece of legislation.  Our cause IS advancing each day, but we still need your help.  Nationally, as well as right here in California, the application of Bruen hangs in the balance and continued legislative attacks are being launched.

This fight is CRITICAL.  And with your continued support, we WILL restore the Second Amendment as a fundamental right for all Americans.