Duncan Decision A Big Win, State Likely To Appeal

September 28, 2023
Last week’s announcement of the decision in Duncan v. Bonta represented a significant win for the 2A community, demonstrating an appropriate and crystal-clear interpretation of the Bruen decision.  Sure, the state has already expressed its intent to appeal, but for a case that was remanded back to the Ninth Circuit in the wake of Bruen, it is important to see the new standard affirmed.

The disarmament movement won’t just go away.  Time and again, they simply double down, as Governor Newsom did last week.  Following the Constitution is now considered “radical”.  Statistics needn’t have even a remote relationship to the truth.  They want your guns…pure and simple.

So the fight will continue.  Soon after the decision was announced, CPRA TV discussed the importance of the ruling and what comes next.  It is an occasion to celebrate, but also a time to redouble our efforts. They anti-2A crew can’t win here, we must fight on.

Help us keep up the fight!!