CRPA Statement: Gilroy Shooting

We grieve with the families of the victims of the tragedy yesterday in Gilroy, CA. Acts of terror like this cannot stand — and we remain steadfast in our belief that as Americans, we should have the right to protect ourselves, our homes, and our families. While some politicians will use this tragedy as a reason to further restrict our rights, we know politicians cannot protect us from those who commit willful acts of violence or terror. We urge Californians from across the state to join us in our continued fight for our freedom — and mourn the victims of this unspeakable tragedy.


  • Agree wholeheartedly with this vision and statement. Evil will always find a way. Guns are not the reason for the death it is the person holding them that is.

  • I agree 100% with this statement. Thank you for fighting for our rights to not become pray to more of these horrific attacks.

  • California needs to relax ccw issuance, with required proper traing and guidelines to follow, these situations might be cut down, they will not stop but 1 less shooting is invaluable. More legal, trained, responsible ccw holders might just make these bad guys think twice before they try this again.

  • Amen! The Second Amendment gives us that right ! Don’t let the politicians take it away from law abiding citizens!!
    Thank you CRPA for fighting for our FREEDOM!!

  • I replied on news 7 post regarding the shooting. My reply was the same as yours. Criminals will not respect the law.. we must arm ourselves. Practice practice, be safe.

  • Many of these horrible mass shootings have several things in Common:
    Young Adults on anti depressants, and Gun Free zones. We need to eliminate gun free zones because criminals don’t obey laws, and two, seriously look at young adults and anti depressants. We also need to look at why kids are doing this at this time in history. It didn’t occur for he last 125 years when we had semi automatic guns and shotguns. Is it a lack of religion, is it a lack of 2 parents households, is it welfare and no one works in house hence their is no sense of purpose,???

  • My Condolences, thoughts and Prayers goes out to all involved. Now, with that said. Adding 1000+ more Gun Control Laws to the several thousands already in California and Nation would not have prevented a lunatic like the 19 year old shooter in Gilroy Garlic Festival or past shootings or even more in the future (God forbids). Gun Control Laws only turns Law Abiding Citizens into victims because Criminals, Terrorist and the Mental Health Deranged does not and will not obey Laws.

  • California has literally become a “Gun-Free” zone almost guarantying that only the criminal will be armed and the good citizens will be helpless victims. If getting a concealed carry license wasn’t nearly impossible to obtain in this state, a legally armed law abiding citizen at this festival could have stopped this tragedy. Places like California, New York, Chicago and Washington DC with the most restrictive gun laws are also the areas with the most gun violence. Criminals are almost guaranteed success in these cities. I am confident that if a criminal thought I may have a gun and the odds were 50/50 that he could get shot trying to rob me, he might reconsider and decide to get a job doing “honest work”.

  • The rifle the suspect used is perfectly legal to own in Nevada, where it was legally purchased. It, and it’s magazines, did not become a legal issue until the suspect carried them into California.
    As to finding a solution, perhaps first it would be good to actually identify a problem. Gun violence is not an epidemic in the US as a whole, regardless of propaganda claims from those who are anti civil rights. Knives and simple hand tools, like hammers, are used to kill more people in the US than rifles, let alone the demonized semi auto rifle that cosmetically appears similar to some military firearm or another. These points are borne out in FBI uniform crime reporting and analysis.
    There is no logic in penalizing and criminalizing law abiding gun owners because of the criminal actions of a small subset of people who are not going to obey any law that politicians feel like getting passed which appears to “do something about gun violence”. We know, after all, that the only thing more important to a politician than getting elected, and re-elected, is to appear to be “doing something” about hot button issues.

  • I agree 110% with this statement!! I’ve had a concealed carry permit in the last two states I’ve lived in. I have no reason to believe I’ll be allowed one here California needs to change its ways.

  • I wrote my whole thoughts on the shootings, My military and firearms background, and right when I finished, My google went (oh snap) and deleted it all,
    Maybe because I mentioned the firearms I am trained on,
    and why we have two generations of engineers academic professionals, and retail clerks.
    Key point Non-faithful, split families and awful realistic video games. Bring back the industral arts.
    Kids are taught that outside is full of predators, even in the church!

  • So, unlimited assault rifles with large capacity magazines will somehow make us as a society safer?
    C’mon folks – think about it – that’s just absurd.

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