AG Bonta: “Good Cause” Requirement Is Unconstitutional

August 31, 2022

UPDATE- Many are contacting us with stories on problems in your county processing CCW applications. If you are having issues with the county processing, returning applications, or not accepting applications because of the Bruen decision, please let us know. CRPA sent letters to all Sheriffs in the state alerting them to their obligations under the latest Supreme Court ruling. If you are experiencing issues, please let us know those specifics at contact@crpa.org

Reply from Santa Clara County regarding their process post Bruen.



Well…that had to be hard to say!

In the wake of the NYSRPA v Bruen decision Thursday, California Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a Legal Alert to all law enforcement officials across the state declaring the “good cause” requirement for a CCW permit unconstitutional.  Bonta goes on to specifically direct permitting agencies that they “may no longer require a demonstration of ‘good cause’ in order to obtain a concealed carry permit”. You can see the full Alert below, or download it here.

This admission comes after a host of public records requests filed by CRPA over the past several weeks in anticipation of the upcoming NYSRPA ruling.  As we reported yesterday, CRPA sent letters to all 58 county sheriffs after the ruling was handed down that warned counties not complying with the new standard that they must conform or face legal challenges.

CRPA encourages those who want to seek a CCW permit to do so, recognizing that there could be some delay as many rush to do so in the wake of the ruling.

This is what CRPA has been telling you about for weeks and this is just the beginning of the Second Amendment Reckoning.  Watch for more in the coming days…and in the meantime, please consider contributing to support CRPA as we fight to restore your rights!