Second Amendment Reckoning Begins

June 24, 2022

CRPA told you we were prepping cases and getting ready for action once the NYSRPA v Bruen decision came down and we were not kidding. Yesterday morning’s ruling reset the standard for gun laws and before the day was out, CRPA was already taking action!

CRPA President Chuck Michel sent letters to all 58 county sheriffs in California reiterating the fact that the “good cause” requirement for a CCW was invalidated by the NYSRPA decision.  In some counties, that letter applauded the local sheriff for already issuing permits in accordance with the Second Amendment.  In other counties, the letter as more of a wake up call.

Take, for example, the letter to Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern, which pointed out the county’s blatantly unconstitutional policy regarding the issuance of CCW permits, and demanding that the sheriff conform to the standard set by the Court.

In the letter, Michel writes:

“While CRPA has long known that such a subjective policy violates the Second Amendment, that fact has now been confirmed by no less than our nation’s highest court. CRPA demands that the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department immediately repeal its illegal policy requiring law-abiding applicants to prove any “good cause” beyond just a general desire for self-defense. Any attempt to deny or obstruct permits to law-abiding applicants will be met with an immediate lawsuit backed by CRPA.” (emphasis added)

Read Chuck’s full letter here

As we have been saying for months, this ruling sets a new standard, but that standard will need to affirmatively enforced.  CRPA has been prepping cases and actions like this in anticipation of this moment and we are moving quickly to restore your rights!

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