Flurry of 2A Activity Means More Opportunity

December 9, 2020

Since the confirmation of Justice Barrett to the Supreme Court this year, Second Amendment groups across the country have been very busy filing cases and working cases through the courts in an effort to see which case will be taken up by the high court first. CRPA is one of those groups as we fight to push back against the ammunition and magazine restrictions as well as assault weapon registration requirements.

CRPA has always been involved in tracking and supporting good legal arguments that come out of other federal circuits and states. This is because we know that legal precedent set elsewhere can and will have impacts on what happens here in California.

Right now, in addition to fighting for current issues here in California, CRPA is working with attorneys and groups across the country to provide the support for well-reasoned legal cases that may also be in line for the next big Supreme Court case just like CRPA’s cases. Our attorneys are preparing to support those other cases and provide amicus briefs on complex legal issues that affect gun owners from California to Maine. We know that successful outcomes for Second Amendment cases is a win for all gun owners and may help in outcomes of follow up cases.

As you consider your end-of-year giving, please plan on giving to continued successes in the courts. With how crazy politics has gotten in recent years, the courts really are a major battle ground for the protection of your rights.

Join the fight and support landmark decisions affecting your rights. Click here.

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