Supreme Court Decision To Hear Peruta Delayed

On January 12, CRPA and NRA attorneys submitted a petition to the United States Supreme Court to review Peruta v. San Diego. The earliest a decision could have been made was today, March 24. As of the morning, the Supreme Court docket shows that the decision by the Court’s conference on whether or not Peruta … Continued


Three Bills Move On

On March 21st, the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees approved two different bills that will hinder the Second Amendment in California while the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee approved a bill that will give back to California’s veterans. On a party line vote the Assembly Public Safety Committee approved AB 7, which will … Continued


Take Action Now!

On Tuesday March 21st, we will yet again see a flurry of Second Amendment related bills brought up in their respective committees. In the Assembly Public Safety Committee, AB 7 will be brought up for discussion. AB 7 will further burden law-abiding Californians by expanding the restrictions on open carry of an unloaded firearm in a public place … Continued


CRPA Testifies in Support of Fish & Game Commissioners

On March 15th, CRPA proudly testified in front of the Senate Rules Committee to support the confirmation of Fish & Game Commissioners Eric Sklar, Russell Burns and Peter Silva. Russell Burns, who is replacing Commissioner Jim Kellog, will be an excellent addition to the Commission, as he himself is a hunter and conservationist. We can … Continued

Just Guns Radio Graphic

JUST GUNS 3 – 13 – 2017

Today on Just Guns Radio, upcoming legislation starting with AB 424, and Opposition of CA Gun Owners grows!


Take Action: Stop Assembly Bill 424!

Stop Assembly Bill 424! On Tuesday, March 14, the Assembly Public Safety Committee will be holding a hearing on Assembly Bill 424 at 9:00 AM in room 126 of the State Capitol Building, which would take away the privilege of school district superintendents to grant permission to an individual to lawfully carry a firearm within a school … Continued


We Will Not Be Silenced!

After publicly supporting Donald Trump during the Presidential campaign, Antonio Sabato Jr., (famous for his many roles on various shows such as ABC’s General Hospital), was targeted by the very same individuals who comprise the anti-gun lobby, who are eager to silence high-profile supporters of liberty and desire to strip law-abiding citizens of their inalienable … Continued


The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday!

That’s the motto of Elite U.S. forces and the feeling of many California Gun Owners these days… In this spirit, the CRPA is bringing to you the very firearm used by the Navy Seals in battle, the Sig Sauer P226 MK25! To have a chance to win this very same model of firearm that helped … Continued



As reported earlier, CRPA’s attorneys filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court on January 12, 2017, asking the Court to review the case of Peruta v. California, which seeks to confirm that the Second Amendment protects the right to carry a firearm for self-defense. On March 7, 2017, the California Rifle and Pistol … Continued


DOJ’s Delays with APPS Report and Regulations for Assault Weapon Registration

California DOJ Shirks Statutory Duties by Failing to Provide Timely Regulations for the Registration of “Assault Weapons” and Missing the Deadline to Provide Its Report on APPS Spending The California Department of Justice (“DOJ”) dropped the ball twice recently in failing to execute its statutory duties in a timely manner. First, Penal Code section 30900(b) … Continued