CRPA Local Chapters

CRPA Chapters

A CRPA Chapter is a community of people who look to affect change within their community by advocating for the 2nd Amendment. 

Be part of the solution to California’s attack on 2A. Join a CRPA Chapter!

Current Chapters:

  • Shasta County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • North Sacramento County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • South Sacramento County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • Bay Area County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • Southern California Coastal County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • North Orange County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • South Orange County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • San Bernardino County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • Riverside County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • Mendo-Lake-Sonoma County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • Solano County Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter
  • Folsom/North Sacramento Gun Owners: A CRPA Chapter

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CRPA Chapter Program Overview

Since its inception in 1875, the California Rifle & Pistol Association has been at the forefront of education and firearm safety in California. With the advent of the Gun Control Act of 1968 the CRPA took on the additional responsibilities of insuring the freedoms and rights for all Californians pertaining to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Those rights are most readily protected through action from CRPA members in their respective communities.

The focus of the CRPA Chapter program is to promote the single issue of the Second Amendment and the culture and rights that it is meant to protect. To create groups of dedicated individuals, business owners, ranges, trainers, and clubs of like-minded values to get involved in promoting firearm safety, promoting the mission of the CRPA,  and protecting their 2A rights.

CRPA Chapters are groups of CRPA Members that coordinate efforts to promote the mission statement and goals of the CRPA at the local level while receiving direction from the Advocacy and Outreach Department located at CRPA Headquarters. CRPA Chapters have the ability to be diverse in operations, obtain feedback, and work where the local community needs work the most. CRPA Chapters can operate in political, educational, recreational, and conservation activities.

The CRPA Chapter Program focuses on supporting the mission statement and goals of CRPA by creating a network and coordinating the efforts of CRPA Chapters at the local and state level. This will be achieved through passion, teamwork, education, and communication.

CRPA Chapter Missions and Objectives

  1. Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and the individual’s right to keep and bear arms, both in public and private.
  2. Promote the objectives and mission of the CRPA at the local and regional level.
  3. Promote and educate the public regarding safe and responsible firearm ownership and use.
  4. Encourage participation in shooting sports, training courses, hunting, self-protection, and continuing to build upon the necessary skills for being a prepared gun owner.
  5. Work with local groups and individuals to promote the mission of the CRPA and a positive view of gun owners within the local community, schools, political environment, and with law enforcement.
  6. Sponsor public events which contribute to the public awareness of t he proper use of firearm and the spirit of cooperation and discipline that is derived therefrom.
  7. Actively engage in calls to action regarding potentially harmful legislation, local ordinances, and regulatory policies that seek to threaten constitutional rights.
  8. Build positive working relationships with local community leaders.


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