New From CRPA TV: What’s Next In AB 2571 Fight?

May 3, 2024

The audacity of Second Amendment opponents knows seemingly no bounds, as we’ve all witnessed for years now.   Unable (or unwilling?) to accept the authority of the Constitution or the Supreme Court’s interpretation of it, they continue lapping up baseless drivel from mainstream media and pro-gun-control lawmakers in support of the latest restriction on the lawful.

Still, there are times when this zeal goes even further than we might have predicted.  Such was the case with AB 2571, a ban on firearms-related communications that might be accessed by youth that was part of the package of bills that Gov. Newsom rammed through the Legislature just weeks after the Bruen decision came down.

CRPA leapt into action, filing suit to stop the lawadvising our membership on how to avoid violations, working diligently to see the law enjoined while the case moved forward.  A case, mind you, in which the state is having to defend its actions in light of both the Second AND the First Amendments.  If that sounds like a Herculean task to you, then you will understand why Attorney General Rob Bonta has struggled in defending the state’s new law.
In the latest edition of CRPA TV, attorney Tiffany Cheuvront provides an update on Jr. Shooting Sports Magazine, Inc. v. Bonta and Safari Club International v. Bonta, the two central cases impacting the future of this onerous law.  WATCH NOW!

Thanks to all who have contributed to getting us this far!  Your donations to help keep up the fight to protect youth shooting sports are GREATLY appreciated!  CRPA will keep up the fight!

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