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AB 2571 was passed in 2022 by the legislature and signed under emergency order. The law crippled youth shooting in California as it prevents the promotion of firearms and firearm-related products and events to youth. This new law impacts Associations, Camps, Clubs, FFLs, Hunter Education, Instructors, Firearms Trainers, Youth Organizations, ranges, and those who work in association with any youth shooting program — including firearm safety training. Any promotion of firearms to those under 18 years of age may lead to hefty fines of $25,000 per incident.

CRPA immediately filed a lawsuit and preliminary injunction.

The twisty path of AB 2571 took a pretty wild turn a couple weeks back when the court granted the Legislature another “bite at the apple” in an attempt to get the new law to pass legal muster.  Lawmakers dutifully sharpened their pencils and went back to work, trying to make the unconstitutional somehow constitutional.

With the adoption of new amendments late last week by the Legislature (not yet signed by the Governor), CRPA members were naturally curious as to what the impact of this new language would be once the Governor does sign this and it goes into law.  In short, the changes will make the law even more confusing and vague, but there is a LOT to it.  So, our team assembled a document that addressed all the facets of how this law could be applied.

Update as of 10/17/22- The Motion for Preliminary Injunction was denied in a hearing, but the merits of the case were not considered. CRPA legal team will be pursuing the next steps.


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