Bonta Needs More Time on AB 2571 Case: Will He Give Up?

March 22, 2024

Since July of 2022, when CRPA first filed the case of Junior Sports Magazines Inc. v. Bonta, the Attorney General dragged his feet.  With his team’s latest response to the court due today, Bonta again has asked for more time.  High school students everywhere are envious.

Fear not 2A defenders, this actually may be be GREAT news.  As noted in the filing, Bonta’s request for more time hints at a possible resolution to the case:

Mr. Bonta certainly has his hands full with this case, defending a law that raises both First and Second Amendment issues.  But the legislature knew all that when they passed it, even needing a “do-over” after CRPA first challenged the law in court.

The law allows for fines of up to $25,000 for violations, and puts a variety of organizations in jeopardy every time they send out an email or place an ad, providing a textbook example of free speech restriction.

The impacts? Youth shooting sports, as we know them now, will most certainly perish as businesses, clubs, and associations seek to navigate a complicated legal morass that can only be avoided by NEVER mentioning firearms or firearm-related activities.

This law is truly the heart of the attacks on “gun culture”.  Let’s hope it’s finally coming to an end!