New From CRPA TV: SB 2 Update

December 7, 2023

California’s latest attempt at “sensitive places” as an end run around Bruen and the Constitution, SB 2, is set to take effect January 1, 2024.  With the case of May v. Bonta, CRPA is seeking to stop that from ever happening.

In the latest installment of CRPA TV, attorney Kostas Moros stops by to update the fight against SB 2 and, more broadly, against gun control strategies like “sensitive places” and public property carry bans such as the one CRPA defeated in the City of Glendale. Click to watch now!

What were the specifics of the City of Glendale settlement and how does the SB 2 fight impact them?

What are we expecting from the hearing in May v. Bonta on December 20th?

Will lawful citizens not be able to carry in private businesses and churches starting Jan. 1 (assuming the law indeed takes effect)?

Will there be specific signs that businesses will have to use if the “vampire law” is in effect January 1?

Mr. Moros tackles these and other burning questions in this interview.  Be sure to tune in!

Special thanks to Jen from Girls With Guns Clothing and our South Bay Chapter for their contributions to this episode!
Tune in now and make sure you are ready for a wild couple weeks ahead!