CRPA PAC Candidate Endorsements

January 31, 2024

OK, so maybe we are getting a little “election crazy”, but it’s hard to ignore what a massive impact our elected officials have on our way of life.

Lawmakers continue to restrict firearm access for the lawful while releasing criminals and allowing staggering growth in retail crime.  Despite a $68 billion budget deficit, the California Legislature still saw fit to pay for gender transformation for undocumented immigrants.  But while Congress fences with the Biden Administration on finance, Texas has taken matters into its own hands.  Indeed, leadership matters.

So, as you ponder your mail-in ballot or plan your trip to the ballot box on March 5th, you may want to take a look at the candidates endorsed by the CRPA PAC.  Each of the candidates endorsed responded to an in-depth survey to assess their willingness to defend the Second Amendment.

You can find the list of endorsed candidates at the links below:
Local and County Candidates
State Candidates
Federal Candidates

CRPA knows the passion and pride of our members in exercising their civic duties.  Please share this information and other CRPA election-related resources with your family, friends, and neighbors to make sure they, too, know the kind of leaders they are supporting.

Thank you for your support and PLEASE hit the ballot box starting February 6th to make your voice heard!!