CRPA Legislation: AB 281 Seeks to Ban Cow Palace Gun Shows

Another attack on California gun shows through bad legislation made it through the Senate Governance and & Finance committee yesterday with a crowd in opposition to the bill.

SB 281 (Wiener), has two parts. The first portion of the bill proposes the banning of all gun shows from the bay area’s Daly City Cow Palace. A 68-acre property that hosts several gun shows per year, yielding anywhere from $400,000 to $500,000 per year in profit. A bill to ban gun shows at the Cow Palace has been tried three times before, with each try resulting in a bill failure or veto from the previous governors.

The second portion of the bill transfers the 680-acre facility to the joint power of authority, without compensation. Essentially it would invoke eminent domain over this profitable facility, overthrowing the board that has stood its ground on gun shows staying at the Cow Palace.

Many protested the second portion of the bill, while CRPA stood firm for gun shows to stay at the Cow Palace. Despite our best efforts, the committee voted 4-2 in favor of passing along the bill. Senators Moorlach and Neilsen voted against the bill, while Senator Hertzberg abstained.

Keep up with CRPA on this bill as we fight for your rights and 2A culture throughout the state.


  • Only one very small section of the Cow Palace parking lot is within the boundaries of the city and county of San Francisco. This is simply another land grab by the City of San Francisco to get control of the Cow Palace property so they can fill the city coffers. The highly profitable gun shows are only an excuse based on liberal bias. The gun shows at the cow palace and other venues in the state have NEVER caused a problem or broken any law. All transactions are in compliance with ALL city, county, state and federal regulations.

  • regarding another matter I tried to contact CRPA only to get “Coming Soon” . Why? I am concerned about the redundant nature of the new CCW renewal rules that require burning up high cost ammo for each gun on permit. I have 3 Ruger single six’s. a 17, a.22 & a .44. Functionally they are the same. Why go through the same routine each time at each renewal? I am 74, I bought my first Ruger single six in “63. The same thing applies to my Colt .45APC’s. What is being done????

    • Hi Michael, we apologize for the website difficulties. We are working to resolve them as soon as possible.

      In general, requirements for CCW renewals are the same as for law enforcement from that county agency when carrying off-duty. Sheriffs often require CCW holders to do the same thing.

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