CRPA Files Injunction to Halt SB 2 Implementation

September 30, 2023
As noted in our coverage of the Governor’s press conference earlier this week, CRPA didn’t even let the Governor sign SB 2 before we took action to repeal it.  Friday, CRPA filed its motion for a preliminary injunction to stop the law from ever taking effect.

What Comes Next?

The state will have until November 3rd to file its motion to oppose the injunction.  CRPA will then have until November 20th to reply to the opposition motion.  A hearing is currently scheduled before Judge Cormac Carney on December 4th.
Second Amendment advocates may recall that Judge Carney has presided over CRPA’s case challenging the “safe” handgun roster.  In that case, Judge Carney granted the CRPA’s motion to preliminarily enjoin the most troublesome requirements of the Unsafe Handgun Act, which crippled the decades-old law preventing Californians from accessing the latest and safest firearm technology.

As a reminder, SB 2 did NOT include an urgency clause so the bill would go into effect on January 1, 2024, if it is not invalidated before that time.

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