CRPA Files Amicus Brief Challenging “One A Month” Law

June 4, 2024

CRPA, joined by the Second Amendment Law Center and Operation Blazing Sword-Pink Pistols, has filed an amicus brief in Nguyen v. Bonta, a case challenging California’s limit of one gun purchase per 30 days. As our brief points out, this law makes it so that someone newly into sports shooting may not purchase a shotgun for hunting and skeet shooting if he also is purchasing a handgun for self-defense. Such a limitation has no precedent in the Founding Era nor the Reconstruction Era, and even today, only a small handful of states have similar laws. The district court was right to strike it down.

The “one a month” law represents yet another arbitrary gun control measure, like the roster, the magazine ban, and the ammo purchase restrictions, that simply does NOT stand up to the Bruen standard.  The Second Amendment establishes a fundamental right to keep and bear arms that necessarily includes actually being able to access both firearms themselves and ammunition.  That these laws were normalized for so long demonstrates just how aggressively governments have trampled on 2A rights.

This must stop!  In cases across the country, the Bruen standard is rolling back decades of bad law and your support remains CRITICAL!  THANK YOU CRPA MEMBERS!